How is possible that a lot of companies worked without a good back up? The risk is high. Very often in the moment where you do not expect it you get a hit and then the only solution you have is restore from backup.


These are some of examples:


1. User is surfing the internet and hit a site that infect his/her machine and the malware is a crypto locker one, terrible, begin to encrypt all the network drives mapped in that computer and some of those malware including encrypt the shadow files. You have two options: restore from backup or pay the ransom.


2. This is very common, users showed up at 7:30 a.m. and the accounting or file server is not working, you go and check and discover the hard drive is failing or the whole OS is corrupted including the data, etc, etc. Specially with hardware failed you need to restore from backup.


In the previous example what happen if you do not have backup, then prepare your resume, very soon you will begin to look for a job, the company will lose money.


Now what happen if you have backup, you are happy, and begin to restore the data or server and discovered the backup is not working right and you cannot restore anything. Nobody never tested the backups.


Now we can say Houston we got a problem!!!.


I saw others companies who lost data between 30 GBytes to 1 TBytes and they restored the data in a couple of hours, very quickly. Good. Why, because they implemented good backup solution according to their needs.


Types of Backups: Image or files.


No tall the backups are the same, depend of many factors, if you have servers that needs to restore complex applications then you need backup that create images of the machine. 


For the file servers is different, you just need to backup the files or data, so in case the files became corrupted, encrypted or deleted you can restore them very easy including in production time.


There are different strategies to protect company data or servers in case of disasters, you know your company and environment, like the people says: Choose wisely.!!!