When the engineers begin to create networks, protocols, computers, etc, etc, they never thought that they need to set any kind of security to protect the network or computer itself.


Now this is  becoming the norm. we need to protect our network or better say we need to protect the  human life and the information, specially the private information, something that only belong to one person or group.


Now lets go to the meat:


What is an ethical hacker?

Ethical hacker is a professional with different IT skills and background with security in mind who is very knowledge with hacking tools and techniques, in other words WHAT YOU ARE TRYING TO BECOME.


What is the objective of the Ethical Hacker?

The main goal is using the same tools and techniques that other hackers use to attack a network or an application or a system to find the weakness in those computer systems and give recommendation how to protect it.


Also the ethical hacker try to:

  • See the system in the same way of what any attacker see it.
  • Also see if the attacker can get any benefit of the information that try to access.
  • Also he try to understand what the organization try to protect.
  • What kind of attacker can try to attack that network like competition, disgruntled employee, etc.
  • What resources the company is willing to expend to protect the information or computer system.


Types of Hackers:

  • White Hats: This are the ethical ones who make sure the information is protected
  • Black Hats: This are the unethical, the bad guys who try to brake a computer system and get any benefit of it.
  • Cyber Terrorist: This hackers has different motivations like political and others, try to create chaos and terror.
  • Spy hackers: This could be any hacker who try to brake and company or big corporation and try to steal trade secret, market and information that the competition can use to gain profit or take advantage of the other companies or market.
  • State Sponsored Hackers: This are governments with militaries objectives that try to infiltrate other countries to get knowledge of their military, tactics and capacity
  • Hacktivists: Some hackers activist are motivated by religion, politics or other means to expose something that they considered wrong.