Several times we set our goal to pass one specific certification for different reasons like getting knowledge for a specific field, improve your skills or get a specific position. Doesn't matter what are our intentions we begin to buy books, videos and exam simulation and also we begin to read a lot of forums where some users explained how they passed the exam.


We are excited and eager to learn more and more, then the time passed and you lost motivation especially when you reach some subject that are a little boring or you did not expected.


How to go on?


This happen to me several times, I followed this steps and worked for me, maybe it works for you or create your own method.


1. Set in your mind why you are getting this certification.


If the certification is not clear in my mind then I will lose focus right away the first week. So put it in your mind or write it somewhere and put it in front of you on your desk area where you study.


2. Set small goals


Yes, I know you want the main goal pass the exam or get the knowledge, setting the small goals will help you to reach your main goal, for example:


Complete Chapter 1 - Jan 12

Complete Chapter 2 - Jan 15

Complete Chapter 3 - Jan 19

etc, etc.


How to accomplish it?. You can use any website (free or paid) to set this goals, I used in the past GoalsOnTrack (paid), the website will send you emails saying you have Chapter 1 due by Jan 12 and so on.


Now to remind you that you need to read several times during the week the books and exam simulations you can use Irunurun for IPhone, in this application you can set your actions and how many times you are planning to do it, they system will provide points for any activity, like grades you have at school, if you set the goal study 4 times a week and you did only three times you got 75. Get the idea? So your goal will be like any other exam, go over 80%. This will give you a picture if you are really studying, if you only did 50% means I am not putting enough effort.


3. Practice with exam simulation as soon as possible.


The reality is we need to pass to get the cert and at the same time get knowledge. So if you are studying a specific subject use the exam simulation only in that object, like drilling, DO NOT READ THE CORRECT ANSWER IN THE EXAM. Why because at the end you will memorize the answer and those answers will not be in the exam.


How will this help you? You will not know the answer, you will be lost but when you are reading the chapters in that subject and you read the answer or explanation of something you did not have any clue on the exam simulation then in that moment you will have the CLICK, it will stick in your mind and you increase the change to remember and the boring part will go away because you are more interested your brain assimilate more.


When you stick with small goals and a program you will advance to get your certification, will keep you a little focus and at the end you will get your main goal.