Security is very wide, however it is very important to find the balance between security and functionality, and this is more important for small  business. These are the basic steps you can follow to secure your small business, these steps don't  require high computer skills:




  • Install Antivirus
  • Run Windows updates or set automatically updates
  • Use legal software
  • Install a basic internet firewall (some people call it router)


Common sense steps:


  • Do not open any email you have an small doubt
  • Do not open pictures, files or link that you did not ask
  • Be careful where to go on internet and read the alert message on the screen, sometimes the browser show you some alerts
  • If you do not understand what the screen alert is telling you on internet, turn off your computer asap
  • If somebody ask you to pay some money make sure it is the right person, sometimes hackers hijack email conversations to trick you to transfer money to them.


These are some basic steps