Crypto malware is a big problem for the small business, there are a couple of thing you can do in your environment to protect again crypto malware:


  • Use good antivirus
  • Have a good backup system


Yes, two basic things, any antivirus will help you, I prefer webroot, you can chose any brand you like or can afford. Now common sense can fail, good antivirus can fail, everything can fail but the backup, yea, the boring backup CANNOT FAIL. This is the best protection, if the data became encrypted because the malware, the best option is begin to restore from backups.


You have a couple of options for backups, files backups or images backups. Files backups are easy to set up and you only backup the data, the images backups however backups all the data and the OS, so you can restore the full system in case your data became encrypted or part of your server.


File backups require less technical skills, however image backups require more technical skills, you can call a tech to set up the image backup, it is not expensive, however, you will need to check if you backup is running fine or run a test restore to be confinement of your backups and to have peace of mind.